Workshop Information for Teachers

The Workshop weekend will run over 3 days and have sessions in the mornings and afternoons.  Workshops will be 3 1/2 hours long: either 8:30am to 12:00pm or 2:00pm to 5:30pm.

Workshop sizes are restricted to 6 students to enable teachers to give quality time to students.

The workshop cost will be $60 per student per workshop, with a reduced rate of $50 offered to members. Teachers receive a tuition fee of $45 per student regardless of whether or not the students are members or non-members. The balance goes to SB for the running and organisational expenses of the event. The cost of kits and workshop materials is set by
you. Sunshine Beaders now offers payment through their website, using Square as our eftpos provider.Teachers will receive payment for tuition and the kits supplied after the event. Teachers will be provided with their student enrollment details, via email, when bookings close. 

Some things to be aware of when planning workshops:
· Where possible, tutors should make kits available for all workshops.
· Where kits cannot be supplied, a detailed list of required supplies must be provided.
· Adequate written instructions should be provided at the workshop so that participants will be able to
complete their project later.

Submit your workshop.  Then send at least 1 photo of the work to so we can see what the workshop is about.  The committee will check out your submission and let you know that your workshop has been accepted.  You will need to send us up to 3 high-quality photos suitable to be published on our website. Please also send us a photo of yourself you would like to use for your Teachers Biography.

Please fill in separate submissions for each workshop that you want to teach.  If you would be prepared to
teach a workshop more than once over the weekend, please let us know. Also let us know if you can only teach at
certain dates/times.

All teachers have an opportunity to have a popup shop on any of the workshop days. $20 per day or 3 days for $50 including the Saturday wine & cheese night. Table numbers will be determined by space. and run from 12:30pm to 1:30pm. The form for participating in the popup shops will be available later.